• Status: open
  • Assigned to: jblake
  • Priority: now
  • Opened by: jrayhawk


testuser@wiki:/srv/rbin$ newrepo 640test
Provide a one-line description to be used in repo listings, the shorter the better:
testing closed repo
Okay! Working, please wait...
Adding user testuser to group git-640test
Adding user iki-640test to group git-640test
Attribute (name) does not pass the type constraint because: That username is not in the correct format for an ikiwiki user. at constructor Piny::User::IkiWiki::new (defined at /usr/share/perl5/Piny/User/IkiWiki.pm line 35) line 17
    Piny::User::IkiWiki::new('Piny::User::IkiWiki', 'name', 'iki-640test') called at /usr/share/perl5/Piny/Repo.pm line 318
    Piny::Repo::rebuild_ikiwiki('Piny::Repo=HASH(0x3ab1e40)') called at /usr/sbin/newrepo line 96

Two issues with this:

  • The repo is created even if the Ikiwiki portion doesn't work
  • The error message is non-intuitive