• Status: open
  • Assigned to: jblake
  • Priority: now
  • Opened by: kanzure


ikiwiki should be moved into docs/ in piny-code.git. then, we need to move tag/ and templates/ into docs/.

before this happens, pinyconfig should be able to handle ikiwiki paths and locations in a repo.

http://gnusha.org/logs/2010-10-29.log 17:32 < kanzure> i suppose tag/ could be moved 17:32 < kanzure> but it seems useful to ikiwiki in general 17:33 < kanzure> (same with template/) 17:33 < jrayhawk> Yeah, we should probably move Ikiwiki over to doc/ anyway. 17:33 < kanzure> me or you 17:33 < jrayhawk> Well, I suppose Jules should implement that as a pinyconfig thing first.