is a Git/Ikiwiki project hosting service using the freely available Piny management engine.

Due to our infrastructure being provided by the Bart Massey Foundation and Portland State University, itself is restricted to non-commercial hosting. If you want to host commercial repositories, you are welcome to install the Piny management engine on your own server.'s service is intended to be easily replicable and easily installable using the Piny packages. Piny is flexible automated glue for existing POSIX infrastructure, including

  • Git
  • Ikiwiki
  • PAM authentication
  • SSH
  • git-daemon
  • standard security capabilities
  • Apache (if you want PAM web auth)

...hopefully to such an extent that it can fit into existing repository hosting solutions without too much issue. Piny is still stabilizing and you're probably best off tracking changes and building Debian packages directly from git until we get to the point where releases are worth maintaining.

If you need help with or want improvements to either the hosting service or the engine, you can bug Joe Rayhawk over IRC or email.